Today's (8/1/2015) New Book Releases on Religion & Spirituality

The Best of Christmas in my Heart Volume 2: Timeless Stories to Warm Your Heart by Joe Wheeler - 224 pages
The second volume of the most loved and requested stories from the Christmas in My Heart series -- compiled by famed author, Joe wheeler.

Joe Wheeler is renowned for bringing the classic stories of Christmas to eager readers, and he continues this tradition with this newly handpicked collection, in an elegantly designed Christmas keepsake, The Best of Christmas in My Heart, Volume 2.

These time-tested stories are sure to warm the heart of readers of all ages. This special volume also includes personal journaling pages that allow readers to preserve their holiday memories for years to come, so they can recall them with the same joy and happiness as when they first jotted them down. The Best of Christmas in My Heart, Volume 2 is the perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones, distilling the peace, hope, and love of Christmas into timeless tales that will touch readers' hearts.

This collection awakens wonderful nostalgia in anyone who has ever sat at the feet of a parent or grandparent and been swept up in Christmas stories of old. Now readers can relive that cheerful experience simply with this beautiful holiday treasure.

The Hand on the Mirror: Life Beyond Death by Janis Heaphy Durham - 288 pages
In 2004, Janis Heaphy Durham's husband, Max Besler, died of esophageal cancer at age 56. While coping with her grief, Janis soon began encountering phenomena unlike anything she had ever experienced: lights flickering, doors opening and closing, clocks stopping at 12:44, the exact time Max died. But then something startling happened that changed her life forever. A powdery handprint spontaneously appeared on her bathroom mirror on the first anniversary of Max's death. Incredibly, a similar image appeared on the second and third anniversaries as well. Clearly, something otherworldly was occurring. This launched Janis on a journey that transformed her spiritually and altered her view of reality forever. She interviewed scientists and spiritual practitioners along the way, as she discovered that the veil between this world and the next is thin, and that love is what bridges the two.
Trail Guide for a Crooked Heart by Jim May - 208 pages
A handbook for AFTER “happily ever after”
Neighbors, Strangers, Witches, and Culture-Heroes: Ritual Powers of Smith/Artisans in Tuareg Society and Beyond by Susan Rasmussen - 162 pages
This book examines alleged “superhuman” powers predominantly associated with smith/artisans in five African societies. It discusses their ritual and social roles, mythico-histories, symbols surrounding their art, and changing relationships between these specialists and their patrons. Needed but also feared, these smith/artisans work in traditionally hereditary occupations and in stratified but negotiable relationships with their rural patron families. Many of them now also work for new customers in an expanding market economy, which is still characterized by personal, face-to-face interactions. Rasmussen maintains that a framework integrating anthropological theories of witchcraft, alterity, symbolism, and power is fundamental to understanding local accusations and tensions in these relationships. She also argues that it is critical to deconstruct and disentangle guilt, blame, and envy—concepts that are often conflated in anthropology at the expense of falsely accused “witch” figures. The first portion of this book is an ethnographic analysis of smith/artisans in Tuareg society, and draws on primary source data from this author’s long-term social/cultural anthropological field research in Tuareg (Kel Tamajaq) communities of northern Niger and Mali. The latter portion of the book is a cross-cultural comparison, and it re-analyzes the Tuareg case, drawing on secondary data on ritual powers and smith/artisans in four other African societies: the Amhara of Ethiopia, the Bidan (Moors) of Mauritania, the Kapsiki of Cameroon, and the Mande of southern Mali. In the concluding analysis, there is discussion of similarities and differences between these cases, the social consequences of ritual knowledge and power in each community, and their wider implications for anthropology of religion, human rights, and African studies.
The Book of Abramelin: A New Translation - Revised and Expanded by Abraham von Worms - 304 pages

This is a new and expanded second edition of The Book of Abramelin, a modern classic of Magic since it was first published in English by Ibis Press in 2006. The new material includes copious footnotes and an extensive index.

It is the first modern translation of this critical magical work since S.L. Macgregor Mathers's original translation over 100 years ago. Not only is the language updated, but Georg Dehn, the compiler and editor, has sourced his work from all extant manuscripts, whereas Mathers used just one. The result is a stunning new translation, which has already set the occult world abuzz.

Wizards (Heroes and Legends) by David A. McIntee, Lesley McIntee - 88 pages
From the wise and mysterious soothsayer with his long grey beard to the deathless necromancer practicing his dark magics in a forgotten dungeon, wizards have captured our imaginations since the earliest days of human storytelling, presenting us with some of our greatest heroes and villains. This book collects the tales of the most interesting, popular, and important spell-casters, including such legendary figures as Merlin, Simon Magus, Zhang Guo Lao, Nicolas Flamel, Dr John Dee, and Johann Georg Faust, and examines their place in history and legend. Written in modern language, each tale captures the drama, the tragedy, and the wonderment that has ensured that these stories have survived the passing centuries.
Cosmology and Logic in the DAO of Changes by Baoshan Ma - 208 pages
The Book of Changes (Yijing, also known as I Ching) is generally recognized as the oldest among the ancient Chinese classics, tracing back to the yin-yang symbolic system that, according to traditional mythology, was created by the legendary Fu Xi (mid-29th century BCE). The Yijing's mystical origins and the dynamic nature of its image-numbers--the various diagrams, trigrams, and hexagrams--gave rise to subsequent interpretations by sages over millennia, along with differences in understanding. Ever since the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE), there have been debates between two schools of thought: the image-number school, which focuses on the symbols as a means to divination; and the philosophy school, which values the work for its cosmological and ontological insights. Assimilating ideas from both schools, Ma Baoshan reestablishes the logical image-number system and reaffirms that this image-number logic is the foundation for understanding the Book of Changes in the context of contemporary research. As Ma explains in his introduction, ""the aim of Cosmology and Logic in the Dao of Changes is not to study the image-number logic itself, but to discover the symbolic system inherent in the Book of Changes, and the image-number logic behind this system."" His interpretations of the moving numbers and images: the Taiji, Hetu, and Luo-shu Diagrams, the Pre-heavens and Post-heavens Trigrams, as well as the 64 hexagrams, is always in the context of the continuity of mind and events. He renders this ontological existence as five onto-generative-beings (benti), which is a pioneering theory in the hermeneutical history of the Book of Changes. His theory is crucial in reminding researchers of this classic that without understanding its image-number foundation, it is impossible for anyone to comprehend it as a properly philosophical work.
Two Minutes in the Bible Through Proverbs: A 90-Day Devotional by Boyd Bailey - 192 pages

To find practical answers for everyday challenges, you can't go wrong with the book of Proverbs. And to help you apply its timeless truth to every area of your own life, popular devotional writer Boyd Bailey offers these concise and down-to-earth daily readings.

Building strong relationships, achieving financial stability, speaking words that help and'll find God's plan for your success in all these areas and many more. Each brief devotion includes a verse or two from Proverbs, a short reflection, a question to help you remember the message and take appropriate action, and a short list of related Scripture references for further study.

Start each day with just two minutes in the Bible. You'll soon be enjoying the benefits of a storehouse of wisdom in your heart.