Today's (8/30/2014) New Book Releases on Arts & Photography

The Best of Christmas in my Heart Volume 2: Timeless Stories to Warm Your Heart by Joe Wheeler - 224 pages
The second volume of the most loved and requested stories from the Christmas in My Heart series -- compiled by famed author, Joe wheeler.

Joe Wheeler is renowned for bringing the classic stories of Christmas to eager readers, and he continues this tradition with this newly handpicked collection, in an elegantly designed Christmas keepsake, The Best of Christmas in My Heart, Volume 2.

These time-tested stories are sure to warm the heart of readers of all ages. This special volume also includes personal journaling pages that allow readers to preserve their holiday memories for years to come, so they can recall them with the same joy and happiness as when they first jotted them down. The Best of Christmas in My Heart, Volume 2 is the perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones, distilling the peace, hope, and love of Christmas into timeless tales that will touch readers' hearts.

This collection awakens wonderful nostalgia in anyone who has ever sat at the feet of a parent or grandparent and been swept up in Christmas stories of old. Now readers can relive that cheerful experience simply with this beautiful holiday treasure.

Textiles, Technical Practice and Power in the Andes by Denise Y. Arnold - 120 pages
This volume explores the production and use of Andean textiles from the weaver's perspective and follows recent intellectual developments on the productive chain of weaving.

This book explores issues around the production of cloth in the Andean region and its use in Andean societies. Where possible, the book focuses on Andean textiles from a weaver's point of view, through the various tasks and processes in their making, and the manifold ways in which the ideas about a finished textile product refer back continually to these prior processes. Recent intellectual developments on the productive chain of weaving are taken into account, specifically on the human dimension of this in the operative chain (chaîne opératoire) of the textile domain. By working from the productive chain backwards, it is possible to trace and define the processes which led to the material makeup of a certain piece. In this way it is possible to make more convincing links between the materials or colors used during the productive processes and the finished museum object.
Tasty Stories: Legendary Food Brands and Their Typefaces by Joke Gossé, Karoline Neujens - 112 pages
Tasty Stories presents 50 of the world's best-known food brands, describing them through the evolution of their packaging, logo, typeface and fonts. A brief history of each brand is followed by details of the logo and typeface, and accompanied by 'Nice to Know' anecdotes.

A must-have for graphic designers, foodies, and other people of good taste.

Brands featured include: Baleine Zeezout, Barilla, Bertolli, Boursin, Campari, Campbells, Chiquita, Coca Cola, Côte d'Or, Danone, Douwe Egberts, Duvel, Heineken, Heinz, Jacques, Jules De Strooper, Kellogg's, Kitkat, La Vache Qui Rit, Lipton, Lu, M&M's, Maille Mosterd, Mars, McDonald's, McVities, Moët et Chandon, Nesquik, Oreo, Oxo, Pepsi, Perrier, Quality Street, Spa, St. Raphael, Sunkist, Tabasco, Twinings.

Artist?: The Hypothesis of Bodiness: A New Approach to Understanding the Artist and Art by Fré Ilgen - 298 pages
Through the writings of Dutch artist Fré Ilgen, Artist? offers familiar as well as surprising insight into the human need to create and experience art. Well researched and masterfully executed, Ilgen's approach discusses the various struggles in art, including insecurity and mediocrity.
History of Art Since 1945 in Five Units (Greek Edition) by Melita Emmanouil - 324 pages
ships from and sold by diaspora.books
A Shipyard at War: Unseen Photographs from John Brown's, Clydebank 1914 - 1918 by Ian Johnston - 192 pages
Although best known for large liners and capital ships, between 1914 and the completion of the wartime programmes in 1920 the Clydebank shipyard of John Brown & Sons built a vast range of vessels - major warships down to destroyers and submarines, unusual designs like a seaplane carrier and submarine depot ship, and even a batch of war-standard merchant ships. This makes the yard a particularly good exemplar of the wartime shipbuilding effort. Like most shipyards of the time, Clydebank employed professional photographers to record the whole process of construction, using large-plate cameras that produced pictures of stunning clarity and detail; but unlike most shipyard photography, Clydebank's collection has survived, although relatively few of the images have ever been published. For this book some 200 of the most telling were carefully selected, and scanned to the highest standards, depicting in unprecedented detail every aspect of the yard's output, from the liner Aquitania in 1914 to the cruiser Enterprise, completed in 1920. Although ships are the main focus of the book, the photos also chronicle the impact of the war on working conditions in the yard and, perhaps most noticeable in the introduction of women in large numbers to the workforce. With lengthy and informative captions, and an authoritative introduction by Ian Johnston, this book is a vivid portrait of a lost industry at the height of its success.
The Photographer's Master Guide to Color by Wignall Jeff - 176 pages
Color is key in photography, but very few photographers actually understand how it works - and new software and ever-improving camera sensors have now given them an infinite number of options. Finally, here is a thorough course on color and the role it plays in digital photography. The latest book by best-selling photographer Jeff Wignall will give you a new understanding of the important role color plays in the creation of successful photos, and let you take outstanding color photographs with any digital camera. Filled with Wignall’s inspirational work, this is the essential guide for everyone wishing to create awesome photographs that capitalise on the nuances and interplay of color, without having to rely entirely on the saturation slider. Study the emotional responses throughout the color spectrum, master how to instil a sense of time and place, even learn to see colors in the dark – this professional guide covers it all, from technical considerations to creative possibilities, and more. Hobbyist and pro photographers will · Learn the essentials of color theory and gain a practical knowledge of neutrals, hue, and intensity. · Understand color perception and use it subjectively to communicate warmth and mood. · Master the processing of color to enhance its role in the final image. The book gives the reader a thorough grounding in colour theory - which most photographers know nothing about - and then shows the many ways it can be applied in practice. · Illustrated throughout with Jeff’s own photography · A thorough grounding in theory gives excellent practical results · A crucial, but little-understood, area of the art
Imagining the Nagas by Alban von Stockhausen - 452 pages
When the British colonial power in the nineteenth century extended its influence to the mountainous borderland between India and Burma, it brought about an era of fundamental cultural changes for the native Naga tribes. The guns of the conquerors were followed by the dogmas of the missionaries, as well as the drawing pens and cameras of the documentarians. Their pictures and artifacts soon found their way onto the tables of parlors and into Europe's museums.

The spectacular material culture with its individualistic aesthetics, along with the fascination of headhunting, soon led to the Naga being stylized as the epitome of 'noble savages'. The pictorial documentation of the tribe reached its peak in the 1930s, following the research expeditions by the Austrian ethnologist Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf and his German colleague Hans-Eberhard Kauffmann.

The photographic heritage of Kauffmann, believed to be lost and then rediscovered by the author, is the focus of this publication. It attempts, by means of a detailed pictorial ethnography, to reconstruct the aesthetic and cultural reality of the Nagas in the 1930s, through the ethnographer's lens. This is contextualized by Fürer-Haimendorf 's photographs, alongside other sources.

A detailed introduction presents the working practices and analyzes the biographies of the two ethnographers and their political and ideological entanglements.
Chicagoscapes by Alaina Kanfer - 128 pages
Opening Chicagoscapes places the reader amid the breathtaking grandeur and warm humanity of one of the world's great cities, a metropolis both lavish with its pleasures and as hard as weathered steel, a prairie-bound Oz that demands commitment from those seeking its truths.
Larry Kanfer and native Chicagoan Alaina Kanfer have captured authentic moments that invite the viewer into pocket universes achieved in collaboration between an acclaimed photographic artist and the living world. From the deep blues of Lake Michigan to imposing winter cityscapes, from awe-inspiring skyscrapers to corner hot dog joints, and from the lakefront chess obsessives to Maxwell Street's indefatigable vendors, Larry Kanfer brings the mesmerizing sensibility acclaimed in his collections Prairiescapes and On Firm Ground to illuminate the subtleties of mood and forces of nature that make Chicago a city unlike any other.