Today's (11/21/2014) New Book Releases on Religion & Spirituality

The Best of Christmas in my Heart Volume 2: Timeless Stories to Warm Your Heart by Joe Wheeler - 224 pages
The second volume of the most loved and requested stories from the Christmas in My Heart series -- compiled by famed author, Joe wheeler.

Joe Wheeler is renowned for bringing the classic stories of Christmas to eager readers, and he continues this tradition with this newly handpicked collection, in an elegantly designed Christmas keepsake, The Best of Christmas in My Heart, Volume 2.

These time-tested stories are sure to warm the heart of readers of all ages. This special volume also includes personal journaling pages that allow readers to preserve their holiday memories for years to come, so they can recall them with the same joy and happiness as when they first jotted them down. The Best of Christmas in My Heart, Volume 2 is the perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones, distilling the peace, hope, and love of Christmas into timeless tales that will touch readers' hearts.

This collection awakens wonderful nostalgia in anyone who has ever sat at the feet of a parent or grandparent and been swept up in Christmas stories of old. Now readers can relive that cheerful experience simply with this beautiful holiday treasure.

Christy Mathewson, the Christian Gentleman: How One Man's Faith and Fastball Forever Changed Baseball by Bob Gaines - 294 pages
Nearly a century after his final major league appearance, Christy Mathewson is still considered one of the greatest right-handed pitchers in the history of baseball. Mathewson ranks in the top ten among pitchers for wins, shutouts, and ERA, and in 1936 he was honored as one of the inaugural members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Playing in the early twentieth century, Mathewson was the nation’s first All-American hero, a man of Christianity inspiring the values of millions while bringing dignity to a game that had previously been reserved for rougher characters.

Christy Mathewson, the Christian Gentleman: How One Man's Faith and Fastball Forever Changed Baseball, Bob Gaines delivers a close and personal look at the extraordinary life and soul of a gifted man living in a unique time. After growing up in a loving, Christian home and attending Bucknell University under the careful watch of his childhood pastor, Mathewson struggled to find his footing in the unsavory world of professional baseball. Seen as an “intellectual college boy” whose shy personality was misinterpreted as an aloof arrogance, Mathewson’s faith and character were put to the test. Through strong will and an unusual partnership with John McGraw—a manager his exact opposite in everything but a desire to succeed and a fervent belief in God—Christy became the most admired and respected man on his team.

Christy Mathewson, the Christian Gentleman features details on Christy’s childhood and college years not documented by other sports historians—information discovered by the author in Mathewson’s hometown, the churches he attended, and college archives. Including timeless images, this book brings to life Mathewson’s amazing career, faultless character, and unwavering faith.